Inter-Generation Learning



The Main goal of the Association KORBOTURBINA is to promote social inclusion through the initiation and implementation of educational and cultural activities. KORBOTURBINA provides on-line compulsory education delivering vocational training for all ages: youth and adults.

Increasing capabilities of citizens by addressing the needs of the labour market in the context of lifelong learning and ensure open access to different levels, forms and methods of acquiring knowledge and skills development of every citizen of the region regardless of gender, age, residence, ethnicity, social and material status.

KORBOTURBINA is an NGO that provides non-formal and informal learning and training activities for people of all ages and social categories. The major objective of the KORBOTURBINA consists of guaranteeing universal and permanent access to the learning process, in view of training and improving the skills and competences necessary for a sustained participation to professional and social life.

Main activity areas: vocational training/adult education; social integration of disadvantaged groups; youth and civil society. KORBOTURBINA has good experience in the field of education, training and consultancy on national and international level (seminars, pilot studies), VET, ICT, work with disadvantaged groups /socially disadvantaged, gender equality, disabled, minorities, migrants, positive solving of conflicts and differences, intercultural dialogue. Members of KORBOTURBINA are professionals in the field of education, research, economics, ICT, health, etc., highly qualified and experienced teachers and professors.

The Association KORBOTURBINA is working in collaboration with many educational institutions like schools, Universities, Ministry of education and science, Ministry of labour and social affairs, other NGOs, etc.


The Association KORBOTURBINA specialize in the development and production of educational video games ( 10 years of experience in programming). Sample of collective poetry writing video games by KORBOTURBINA can be seen at:


The video games produced by the Association KORBOTURBINA are still very popular among international users even three years after the eMultipoetry project is completed. Each day a new poems are created on the eMultipoetry video games. If the poem is selected by consortium the next night it is projected on the walls of the city of Krakow.

sound effects for film, video, game and TV productions

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