Inter-Generation Learning


 Innovative training for multicultural classes

Innovative training for multicultural classes is a 2-year project of the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership programme (October 2016-2018) aiming at creating an innovative e-learning for educators from all over Europe facing the issue of multiculturalism in classrooms. The online training will focus on two main aspects: awareness-raising activities on multiculturalism, interculturalism and diversity, and CLIM methodology (Cooperative Learning in Multicultural Classroom) to be applied in classes.

The partnership is composed by six organizations: Multikultura (Poland), Euphoria (Italy), Hominem Challenge (Spain), Ifall (Sweden),  Sans Frontiers Europe (Malta) and UCLL (Belgium).
During the project a crucial aspect will be the involvement and engagement of the educational world. The project team will collect feedback and inputs to create a very useful tool for all type of educators facing multicultural classes therefore schools will be involved to test the new product and make it more effective. Moreover, a specific campaign will be launched to make the platform known all over Europe and at disposal of European schools as soon as the e-learning will be ready to use (approximately June 2018).

The objectives of the project are:
- Equip teachers with relevant skills and competences through the design of an innovative training based on how to manage multiculturalism in classrooms;
- Create a safe, inclusive, accepting and successful learning environment for all, increasing awareness of global issues, strengthening intercultural awareness;
- Encourage critical thinking and preventing prejudice and discrimination among students.
For more information, follow us on the project Facebook Page “Innovative training for multicultural classes” and on the websites of each partner. 
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